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From the Home of Sauna
In Finland, there are 5.5 million people and more than three million saunas. That is how much we love our sauna. KOLO aims at spreading Finnish sauna culture all over the world, one bucket and ladle at a time.
KOLO's products are made of powder-coated aluminum. The products are laser engraved, that’s when the color of aluminum comes out.
KOLO's story has started in Bucket and Ladle, they are inseparable. That is why they are also packed together in a set. The bucket acts as a carrying handle for the bullet and without the bucket there would be no place for the bucket to land. They don’t shine in the dark or smell like anything. However, we guarantee that the ladle will not leak and the bucket will carry. The KOLO Bucket + Ladle pair is available in all colors, ie black and white.
The Kolo sauna collection also includes a sauna meter and a brush.